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The african version of Super Man.
Check It! Up in da sky! It's a black-bird! It's a black-plane! It's Supa Nigga!
by KittRiceProductions August 09, 2011
A term used to describe when the menthol bead in a Camel Crush Menthol cigarette is broken. The cigarettes are already menthols, and when the bead is broken, the resulting menthol flavor is doubled.
1. "Crush that bead, man. Let's go supa nigga."
by rainman2015 November 27, 2011
A person of Black-American heritage that can lead less inteligent Blacks to absolute "victimhood."
Malcom X, Louis Farakahn, Jesse Jackson, Corretta Scott King, and now Al Sharpton.
by Whiteford Mauldin December 03, 2003
Like superman, but he's a nigga. The blue on the costume is black, and his hair looks like that of James Brown back in the day. Smiles a lot.
Up in the sky! It's a ghetto bird! No, it's a Caddy! It's SUPANIGGA!
by My name July 31, 2006
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