Finnish word for Finland.
Minä rakastan Suomi. - I love Finland.
by TheRasmusFani January 08, 2005
Top Definition
The Finnish name for Finland.

I love Finland = Minä rakastan Suomea!
Finland is a beautiful country = Suomi on kaunis maa
by Heidi April 25, 2005
Suomi is Finland, The land of alcohol, trees, polar bears and metal! The most famous swearing words there in order are: Vittu, Saatana and Perkele!
by Perkele Saatana Vittu! April 14, 2009
Place where all the little 12 year old girls who listen to the Rasmus and HIM wish they were from
MYSPACE --- From: anywhere, Suomi
by jampa July 12, 2006
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