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1.A sub-species of humans that are dumb beyond explanation. They are so stupid that it is hard to believe that they are of the same species. They are ignint.
2.Being stoned or high to the point of stupidity.
3.Another word for a nigger that seperates black people from niggers; niggers are ignint black people are not.
1.Bitch you so ignint there ain't no such thing as Germish people.
2.Holy fuck man I was so ignint I went through a red light that shit was scary.
3.Damn it Jamal, you sellin' that crack to them ignint niggers again you know they goin' get you in some shit again.
by COXXX June 12, 2008
Term for salvia (salvia divinorium). Drug thats legal in most of the US. Smoke it while you still can, it's some trippy shit.
Chris has an ass load of Sunny Delight you should get some from him.
by COXXX February 10, 2008
This disease is a type of bestiality in which the suffer actually feels attracted to monkeys. This disease has many dangerous side effects such as monkey blow jobs, making-out with monkeys, naked showers with monkeys, or in extreme cases monkey sex. This can lead to all kinds of problems such as AIDS, planet of the apes syndrome, or extreme social isolation.
Dude Josh just fucked the monkey! His zoo fever really took hold of him after a few shots of vodka. I just hope he doesn't have AIDS now.
by COXXX June 12, 2008

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