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A derogatory term for an Asian; earning its name because of the squinty-eyed, compressed face that most Asian people posses, similar to one who is gazing at the sun.
Look, that fucking sungazer came straight from Japan!

I was visiting China, and I saw more sungazers in one day than I've ever seen in my entire life!

Some girls can pull off being Asian, but when that squinty-eyed chick turned around she was the biggest sungazer I've ever seen!
by CR24 August 07, 2009
An Asian Person, or someone with Chinky eyes.

When you LOOK up at the Sun you make a "^_^" Face...
"Whoa! I went to China and saw ALL the Sun Gazer (s)!" O_o

"No DUH u Idiot, its CHINA! Smh -_-

"I know! but it was DARK Outside!" O_o
by Tcnj16 February 28, 2011

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