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Sundus is the fine silk. Its an Arabic word that God mentioned in the Holy Quran. Where The Lord promises his worshipers to dress them robes made out of thick silk and fine silk (sundus) in the gardens of perpetuity.
-This dress is made out of Sundus.
-Sundus is one the finest fabrics.
by LaCenturion July 29, 2012
Sweet, loyal, charming, extremely kind and fun loving. Is also open and friendly with a great sense of humor. Does sleep a bit too early and moans about her life too much but is the type of person who will try and cheer you up even if she's not happy herself. Be careful not to get her too angry, she can end up yelling at you over nothing. A ray of sunshine.
That girl over there's having an arguement. She's screaming like a Sundus!

Thanks for cheering me're such a Sundus!
by electricblue April 18, 2012
Sundus- Suh-Uhn-Doos Sundus is a girl who refuses to look at the fun in life. She also will not see love at its strongest. But somehow when you're feeling down Sundus has the uncanny ability to make you feel better with the use of the combination of words "hippo slut." Sundus also refuses to believe she is attractive. She pretty much refuses everything. Sundus may also be very spunky. She enjoys watching football players not football. She is an organized witty attractive, but no im not, person who sleeps too early.
Ayyy Ese you see dat gurl over dere?

yeah homesss what about her?

She gotta be a Sundus no one else uses horrible insults like hippo slut.
by dazed&lost-brainwastossed July 14, 2009
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