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Liquid crack for rednecks!

Sun-Drop is a brand of citrus soda that's very popular in Middle Tennessee and North Alabama. It is one of the most highly caffeinated sodas with 64.7mg per 12oz can.
I couldn't sleep for two days after drinking 5 bottles of Sun drop! I hope my heart doesn't explode!
by tenntrekker July 10, 2008
SunDrop is a soda that is only available in a few southern states. It is known for its high caffeine content. When it was first created it was often known as 'Golden Girl Cola' or 'Sundrop Golden Cola'. It first originated in 1949 by Charles Lazier in St. Louis, Missouri. After switching owners several times it is now owned by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group. There are currently 5 different types of Sundrop, those being 'SunDrop, Diet Sundrop, Caffeine free Sundrop, Caffeine free diet Sundrop, and Cherry Lemon Sundrop'.
by Sundrop May 19, 2009
The most delicious citrus soda ever made! Orginally made in Gastonia, NC and was only distributed to the surrounding states, until recently... Dr. Pepper bought them. Cherry Lemon Sun Drop is even better, but harder to find unless you're from the Carolina's. Love this stuff!
Sun Drop is way better than Mt. Dew or any other citrus soda.
by Kay87644 February 17, 2011
A lemon-lime soda, similar to Mountain Dew or Mello-Yello, but a million times better. Sold only in a few southeast states. The nectar of the Gods.
Damn, I love Sun-Drop.
by EricaFaye July 10, 2008
Soft drink with the most most kickass commercial ever!
Bob: What are you drinking?
Mary: A sun drop. I saw the commercial and bought 5 because theyre so awesome.
by russ-kid May 13, 2011
A very muscled, large man. Swole, if you will.
Matto is my one and only sun drop, he can lift over 500.
by e_lucas May 08, 2013
Lemon Lime soda that is mostly found in the rural midwest. Contains real fruit juice, and 50 grams of sugar.
Kid A: DAMN I got a sugar high offa this Sun Drop!

Kid B: Shut up boy, sugar highs aren't real. But DAMN this sun drop is good
by birdmanSE December 07, 2005
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