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When sassy pretty girls are jealous because their extremely handsome boyfriends are tanner than they are.
Sasha has sun poisoning, she's too pale
by meisterbates March 26, 2011
1 3
extreme reaction to too much time spent in the sun. can occur no matter the skin color
symptoms may include, but are not limited to:
-being extremely hot (in 2 ways)
-feelings similar to death
-self diagnosis

-having the need to hack a loogie
-feeling like there is poop in your chest
-your teeth might feel loose
*sitting in the cafeteria.. every 5 minutes:* GUYS! I THINK I HAVE SUN POISONING!
by hallah27 May 10, 2013
4 1
A term that uneducated peoples use to describe being sun burned.
I went snowboarding today and got sun poisoning!
by Mysterious Bitcx March 23, 2011
4 5