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The dreadful feeling one gets when having to get up before the sun comes up.
She had to get up at 4:30 this morning to get ready for work. She wanted nothing more than to go back to bed. She was suffering from pre-sun poisoning.

Having to get up before the sun because of daylight savings time gave him pre-sun poisoning.
by PinkOrchid September 04, 2010
A phrase used toward couples who are being very loving to one another, usually those who are dating, engaged, or have been recently married.

This phrase insinuates that the lovers' mushy talk will cause the person listing to vomit, therefore needing Pepto Bismol.

Rarely said to couples who have been together for long periods of time due to lack of needing to.
Lover 1: I love you darling.
Lover 2: I love you too dearest.
Lover 1: But I love you more sweetie pie.
Lover 2: Oh no. I love YOU more love muffin!
Person listening: Pepto please!
by PinkOrchid January 05, 2011

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