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some of that
I want summat
by Dani May 21, 2003
24 327
Slang for 'somewhat'.
It can be summat annoying but necessary.
by StephenSLR February 16, 2011
948 228
Yorkshire slang for "something."
Can also, more specifically, mean "something like that."
I'm going to go watch TV, or summat.
by Jack August 05, 2003
774 159
A word used to shorten the phrase, "Something like that".
John Doe said to his friend, "I think I will go catch a movie or summat."
by Rob Feind August 21, 2006
261 111
Slang meaning "something like that."
I'll have to tie you to the dog or summat.
by Are-kun` December 13, 2006
171 85
The top level, a peak, the top of a mountain, gathering of leaders
"There is a radar station on this mountain's summat".
by brainfreeze218 August 12, 2009
13 318