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A hot girl with some huge boobs and butt. The kind of person who can always make you laugh. Is really weird but all the guys drool over her.
I have a Sumaiyah; she's the hottest babe in the world.
by lolziamawesome321 March 29, 2009
A girl who likes time travel and anime. She's a gamer freak so guys if you want her use zelda pick up lines. Sumaiyah likes to slack off and be lazy but when she puts her mind to something she'll do it. A girl who needs to stop making people watch boku no pico and be nice to rats. She's not animal friendly people. But no matter how annoying she is she will always be remembered as someone who made people laugh.
Girl 1: hey sumaiyah is not here today?
*hears someone yelling rats sucks*
Girl 2: nevermind....i swear that girl needs to be nice to animals. If the rats could talk they would call her slutface
by Highschool Friend September 30, 2013
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