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A fat smelly fucktard.
That sulaco is a right fat fucktard.
by trix September 08, 2004

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aliens conestoga starship uscm
The spaceship the USCM (United States Colonial Marines) use to arrive at the planetoid Acheron in the movie "Aliens".
It is a "Conestoga Class Starship" 385 meters in length and armed with the latest weaponry.
The ship can be controlled by one artificial person making it possible for the human crew to go to hypersleep for the journey.
"Let´s get back to the Sulaco and nuke the hell out of this place from orbit!"
by Brun Kallgren September 03, 2006
Sulaco is fucking retard, who adds his own definition to the dictionary
OMG, you are such a Sulaco
by Sul September 08, 2004
Sheer briliance,Desperatly funny And cool
I had a sulaco of a day couldn't have been any better
by Sulac0 July 11, 2004