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Its a fast term used to say instead of "Suck a Dick", you say it when you want someone to shut up but in a sarcastic way. You can also say it when you disagree to what someone else says. Honestly you just gotta hear and say it when you're in the moment so "sukadik" guys. Made in Mississauga, Canada by Yavor and Jawed.

**You can say it in different tones**
A person is talking to you about his/her life and shit but you actually dont give a fuck. For example

Mehad: "Yooo me and my girl are having some relationship problems and I need your help..."
**Sarcastic way**
Jawed: "nigga sukadik."
by DeMarco Hernandez March 12, 2013
suck a dick an exclamation showing great excitement or semi-anger, normaly in the amusing manor. Often used in Instant Messenger.
God Damnit Tommy! Go sukadik!
by Travis Hall April 06, 2005

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