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When someone is so depressed that they believe that death is better than pain. This usually happens to people who have unsolvable problems.
Ryann was very depressed for many years. She went to her friend and her friend told her: "Suicide is your only option." So Ryann killed herself the following day.
by Anonymous June 29, 2003
80 37
A comment used when someone asks a stupid question online.
Explicit Content: What should I do today?
ChaosTony: Suicide is your only option.
by ChaosTony September 17, 2004
43 9
very helpful advice
It appears suicide is your only option
by Asshead February 17, 2003
94 70
Advice given by friends, colleagues, and a associates who are sick and tired of hearing another's incessant whining, bitching and moaning over their blown out of proportion, good-time-ruining problems.

On par with "Quit yer bitchin" and "Get the sand out of your vagina"
"I can't seem to get a date. Girls don't like me, I'm awkward, if I can't get a girl, I must be a loser of some kind. I'll never get laid, or a girlfriend, or married, etc etc etc."

"Hey, you know who doesn't have to worry about girls? The dead. Maybe you should kill yourself. I'm beginning to think that suicide is your only option. This way, you won't have to worry about getting laid, and we don't have to keep listening to your stupid complaints.
by Ashseti June 15, 2008
41 21
the words of a moron
suicide is your only option after you take it in the ass
by fag June 28, 2003
46 88