A person who is really funny to look at. They space out often, and don't answer when they are called. They also fish regularly in the pool.

poolparty sizefishing
The other day when walking down the street, there was a guy who was acting like a Suhas and walked into a tree.
by okydoky February 02, 2007
Top Definition
A beautiful girl who is friendly and possibly the sweetest person on earth. She may be stubborn at times, but she has a good heart.

The literal meaning of her name is "a faint star" and is the arabic version of the name Alcor in the big dipper (ursa major).
lets go find suha in thee sky!

She is such a suha!
by datlove March 13, 2012
It litterally means "a beautiful smile"
it is a conjunction of two sanskrit words, 'SU'- which means good, or amazing and 'Has'- which means a smile.
put together, it means a beautiful smile.

And people with this name are usually awesome persons.
Suhas is awesome!
by The.Phoenix. December 27, 2009
Suha is a small hidden planet, with invisible light and is also high, and beautiful.

it's also spelled Soha.. in different laguages.
let's go out tonight and explore the sky for the Suha.
by la vie February 06, 2010
stick up his/her ass
That girl wont have sex until marriage. She is being a suha
by redondo wrestler November 10, 2009
Stuck up HONEY's Ass
Her friend got her out of trouble, now she is SUHA
by Jeff Kinder October 22, 2006
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