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The cutesy nickname Logan Echolls gives to Veronica Mars, (off the the CW's mystery/detective show aptly named for the character.) in the episode "Ruskie Business", when Veronica & Logan were pretending to be an engaged couple.
LOGAN ECHOLLS: "Wow, sugarpuss, you've certainly been a busy little bee."
*Veronica & Logan giggle at each other, then to the receptionist,*
LOGAN ECHOLLS: "Ah, she's a keeper."
by Lisa Parnell February 08, 2009
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A nickname showing love and adoration to a significant other, mostly females.
(Male) I love you hunny.
(Female) I love you too, sweetie.
(Male) You're my sugarpuss.
by Ray ray ray ray January 16, 2009
An expression of absolute and utter lameness in being. Also used to describe an act of lameness or ridiculousness.
Dave: What are you doing this friday night?
Goemem: I'll probably hit up the library.
Dave: You sugar puss.
by m1ny0n September 29, 2010

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