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A common New Zealand euphemism for testicles, popularized in America by Jemaine Clement of the show and band, Flight of the Conchords.
All the ladies are just checking out my sugar lumps.
by Colin January 26, 2009
A mans testicles
Sugarlumps : Something Lisa M. always has in her throat
by timmy2013 January 30, 2009
an term of endearment for a female.
Hey, could you get me a beer sugarlump?
by Nikki TMK. July 09, 2010
A better word for testicles, balls, gonads, jewels, ect.
I kicked that guy right in his sugar lumps.
by bananamonster_rawr July 30, 2009
A playful term with which some older(mid-to-late forties) African-American females(cougars) have chosen to affectionately label younger(mid-to-late twenties) Caucasian males.
Cougar: Would you mind helping me carry my groceries inside, sugar lump?

Young Man: (*goddammit*)
by javabeans August 20, 2008
A humorous nickname for a pair of testicles, usually associated with a white man.
"Wow, all of the women in this Yacht Club are checking out my sugar lumps."
by DarrBizzare March 06, 2010
Currency mainly used in Uganda. Many histoians speculate that the Falklands war was due to a sugar lump.
Hairy Native: Hoo much da Donkey?
Hairier Native: 12 Sugar lumps, and soom fudge from ya daughter.
by Cobs July 16, 2003
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