Used to nick name a very kind individual who can be sour at times. Free of sweet compliments. Also an individual down to party at all hours of the night. Thug life.

A person who chooses sugar-free beverages over the good tasting regular sugar type. Concerned about health. As in they sometimes care what they chug. Beer and Tequila is the exeption.
by dragonsdinosaurs January 15, 2012
Top Definition
In the wild, this gangster often relies on sugar free substances and tattoos to survive long enough to mate and continue the never ending mystery of life. Like the zebra or gazelle, this gangster has equipped himself with an insulin pump so that if a predator were to afflicted him with dangerous elements such as sugar cookies and non-diet soda, the Sugar Free gangster lives on to survive in the wild.
Sugar Free is the ultimate gangster upon all gangsters.
by DresdenDoll December 29, 2009
Without a significant other. Applies in both the short term and the long term. After a break-up, one is sugar free until they find another. One can also be deemed sugar free if they are out without their boyfriend/girlfriend for the evening. Though acceptable in use by both genders, a male's usage would generally cause him to be considered gay.
Short term: Girls, let's go out and get our drink on. I am sugar free tonight.

Long term: Gotta find me a man. Can't stay sugar free forever.
by Miike P. Grant, esq February 27, 2007
Not sweet tough. A tough person.
I am sugar free not sweet like honey.
by lo d November 23, 2009
a tease; someone who will lead you on but in the end delivers no lovin', or sugar
Don't waste your time with her, man. It may seem like you're about to seriously hook up, but she's really sugar free. You'll end up broke and in a cold shower.
by LarryH August 07, 2008
A person who acts and brags as if they are REALLY good at something when in actual fact they are crap at it.
Charlie: "OI MAX!! let me be in your band, I can do EPIC GUITAR SOLOS"
MAX:"YOU Can?? woah kool!"
Sesh: "Nah man don't listen to him he's Sugar Free"
by Seshimus Prime September 13, 2009
When your feeling sad;down
Did you see jazzy?
Yea she was feelin Sugarfree
by JAZZY FRE$H January 05, 2008
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