Top Definition
A male's balls
Hey! Let me have a taste of your sugar cookies. There better than grandma's.
by Bellanator September 12, 2009
the crescents of butt cheek that stick out below shorts or underwear.
Todd: Check out the Sugar cookies on that chick!
Dan: I'd eat those anyday!
by hazmedic October 24, 2005
The act of buying a Tin of Dutch Butter Cookies then emptying the contents and then take a dump in the tin container. Place on kitchen counter and wait for people to take the bait and open expecting a tasty sugar cookie.
Hey I went to Ward's last night and opened up some sugar cookies and saw a brown log.
by Bishops Surprise November 30, 2010
To make sweet sweet love on a woman- to a woman.
"Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl,you wanna make some sugar cookies?"
by Jarred M March 25, 2008
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