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A girl with a shy and quiet personality, very beautiful on the inside and out. The sweetest and purest person with a voice a sweet as honey. She is the kind of girl that puts others in front and her last.
She helped me even without me asker her to. She's such a Sudha.
by BrightSunshine August 21, 2010
A word found as a nickname, representing a leeter person behind the nickname. Forcing more ph33r into n00bs than let's say the nickname ne0 would.
*** JOIN : sudha (sudha@0n3.0f.tGoM.z.Discipl3.s.gov)
*** PART : n00b (dumbass@i.hacked.into.
by tGoM July 16, 2004
dude. i totally got hit on by a sudha last night at the transexual bar.
by BimboAlert July 25, 2010