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The point of totaly sucking. Being a total fag.
Jimmy reached sucktality when he became gay.
by Stev. February 28, 2008
1. Dying during oral sex.Fatal blowjob/fellatio/dick suck

2. When she is slowly massaging your balls with one hand and moving the other gentle hand up and down your penis while slowly sucking the head of your penis ever so lightly and swirls her tongue around the tip and you cum when she deep throats you till the point she chokes and dies

3 .The reason you sometimes have to use condoms

4. Dick sucking that leads to a fatality (if only Mortal Kombat had a fatality like that).
Guy 1: Never again will i get a blow job before i have my 1st night with my bride.Cannot believe it ended in a sucktality on her side

Old guy:Serves my wife right for cheating on me.She truely deserved that sucktality.

Guy 2:man, that blowjob was sooo good that i feel bad that i performed a sucktality on her.
by Cupcke27 September 29, 2011