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A grouping of people, ie a group of friends, a gang, or an entire city; consisting of 100% real personality and absolutely no marks, buckets, or posers. Being sucker free means that no one can talk shit, cause you know that there aint anything that they could talk shit about. Originally used by SF Bay Area rap artists in the early 90's.
We dont smoke that shit in the SFC, dont give me no bammer weed!

SFC = Sucker Free City
aka San Francisco
by BlueBird_SFC May 14, 2006
To be free of people who only want to leech off you.
As nice as it is to help others, you have to help yourself.
Joe: Hey, can I have a loan of 20 bucks? I swear I'll pay you back...
Sam: I stay Sucker-Free bitch.
by Hi-Que January 07, 2012
A person that avoids foolish and simple minded people.
U must remain suckerfree to stay pimpin' in life.
by AaronB 1v1 June 14, 2007
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