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An MTV show which plays pop music early in the morning to target pre-teens as 6am-8am is the usual time they get up. Performers range from your average stuck-up pop artist to Justin Bieber and his friends. A show that teaches little girls to be less independent.

Some teenagers and up into the early twenties, watch this show but the number generally declines as they get older. The repercussions of watching has pros and cons but the cons generally out weigh the pros.
I dont like real music, better watch Sucker Free Countdown.

My kids are watching Sucker Free Countdown, looks like they need a time out.

I have a big ego, I need to watch Sucker Free Countdown so I can fit in.

Daddy needs a new house better get her watching Sucker Free Countdown early.
by 3eyeGuy November 24, 2010

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