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Suck It Easy can be used and taken in several different ways. It depends upon the inflection with which it was stated.

It can meen. Suck it easy, as in "suck it"
or Suck it easy, as in "fuck you"
or Suck it easy, as in "take it easy"

However, at its core, Suck It Easy, means the same as, Hakunamatata, which means suck it easy in African.

No Worries, for the rest of your days.
"Don't worry about it man, just suck it easy"

"Tell that bitch to suck it easy!"

"Man that dude can suck it easy!"
by RezTanto August 16, 2008
To wish someone good luck on their next oral conquest.
When saying good-bye: "Suck it easy, wullseeya"
by William Brumbaugh May 16, 2006
meaning chill out, calm down, and or see ya'later

Said by Tech n9ne at the end of the song "bout to bubble"
dude just suck it easy

tell that chick to suck it easy

see'ya later suck it easy man
by Rae Rae m m August 11, 2007
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