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Those 3 special words every girl longs to hear
"You know i love you, you don't need to hear it again. Now Suck my cock"
by Ze 1 September 06, 2005
A man commanding you for a blow job. In most cases you dont have a choice. Its best to make him sit down on a chair if you do have to do it.
Suck my cock you stupid whore.
by Street 69 Freak(Kiwi) February 14, 2005
One really rude way of asking your lover to have an oral intercourse with you.
Suck my cock Filipe! You little slut!
by Diane-chan June 12, 2007
Verb Phrase -

Usually used akin to kiss my ass
"Yeah, you know what? You can suck my cock; I'm outta here."
by DEC_42 January 14, 2008
"Say those three words".
Of course, the guy is about to sweat bullets. Is it the I LOVE YOU sentence, no.
"Suck my Cock".
You give heard, or oral pleasure.
*Slurp.* Mmm. *Gulp.* Oh yeah... *Gulp.*
by yourmama December 08, 2003
It Means For Someone To Suck Your Cock...
In A Sentance It Look Like This:

In A Sentance It Look Like This:

"SuckMyCock You Dik Hed"


"Suck My Big, Hairy, Juicy, Long, Thick, Head Of Hair"
by SuckMyWillllllllllYouDickHead September 01, 2008
Asking a girl to give you a blowjob.
by Jackishorny August 24, 2008

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