Something that can lead to more success.
Guy 1: I had success when I bought a car today!

Guy 2: But it's old and cost only $700.

Guy 1: Hey, but it works well and I can drive to work with it!
by paul goldschmidt January 24, 2015
a Winner. Not failer.
Misia Polish Cutie is a winner someone who is an example of success.
by Jordan Pedr00 November 22, 2010
When you complete a training mode level, Hit a record breaking Homerun, or you snag a trophy in SSBM (Super Smash Brothers Melee)
by Agent Micheal Scarn October 26, 2007
‎2 league titles, 1 floodlit cup trophy, 0 losses, treble on the cards.
Bon Qui Qui: Hey Shaniqua this season we have 2 league titles, 1 floodlit cup trophy, 0 losses and a treble on the cards!

Shaniqua: Dang! That's some seriuz success sheezy.
by Fergusonballs May 04, 2011
"success is obedience to a structured way of life" (operation ivy)
following societies standards to obtain success or approval from ones peers
by scottie gwood December 04, 2007
Two gays pushing a stroller
two gays pushing a stroller on chicago North Halsted success
by Crazy Irish sicko June 10, 2009
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