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1. A conflict that occurs on a submarine.

2. A substitute of one thing for a conflict instead
(I.E. A dog --> CONFLICT)

3. A fight that occurs in a subway.

4. A term coined in the 21st Century attempting to refer to a Conflict in a story–Not including the main Conflict.
Teacher: What the hell is a "subconflict"?!?
Student: A thought formed by a distressed mind?
Teacher: haha.. No.

P1: Hey that's my sub-sandwich!
P2: No, I ordered the one with Turkey!
P1: No! I did!
P1&P2 Together: It seems we've reached a subconflict.

3. I just walked my conflict and had to pick up it's droppings.
by Pathos and Bathos November 18, 2009
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