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SuAP is an acroynm for Super Attack Pea on the Neopets site. It is used as a Battledome item and is fond for the rare avatar. It costs about 360,000,000nps.
1: I want to be lent SuAP. Do you have one?
2: Yes, 360m collat please.
1: How 'bout you lend for free? =)
2: How about no.
by Burning November 11, 2006
1. Shut up and Post
2. Shutting up and Posting
1. You should SuaP before the whole thread is derailed.
2. BRB, SuaP.
by Ghostwheel October 17, 2009
shut up and play

used by idiots who like to make up their own addreviations, ironically it caught on with other idiots.
cool-guy was killed by Scarecrow
cool-guy: omfg, thats bs, how did u kill me, im t3h l33t
Scarecrow: dude, its a game, people die in the game, shut up and play
loser-face: yeah, suap
by Kiran Srinivasan November 19, 2005

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