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Its The Gang "Bloods" Call When The Say It, It Means That They Are Present. When I Hear It Its Pronounced. Sahh Wooup. Su-Wu

Weezy: Su-Wu Gang...Ah yo Bloods...Su-Wu
by WeezyFU February 27, 2008
Blood affiliation. Having to with bloods. Specific call bloods members use.
Suwu...whats poppin blood...SUUWWWUUU
by Isaiah1331 April 08, 2008
People write this word to describe the sound that "Blood gang members" use to call out to let other members they are in the area; but the sound is supposed to be more like the "wooping" sound made by hyenas. This is used to call to one another similar to a hyena pack.
"Wooooop" "Wooooop"! "What up, dog? That's how you call your homies! Not su-wu!"
by RapFTB July 12, 2013