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The points (hypothetical or otherwise) awarded to someone when they perform a particularly difficult or cool looking act.
-Chad got massive style points from that 360.

-Nice crash dude! Style points!
by Charles McArthurfargen January 23, 2007
Coming up with creative ways to commit suicide for exiting this world so that way the rest of us can have a good topic to talk about for five minutes.
"Did you know that when the guy jumped off that bridge he did a back flip dressed as Ezio?"

"Well clearly he missed the haystack; he was obviously doing it for Style Points."
by HellsingDMC October 31, 2014
In college football, Style Points are needed to succeed in the BCS. When wins and losses can't decide where teams should be ranked, style points are needed to break ties. This term was coined by BCS voters and first widely used by Florida coach Urban Meyer after receiving few Style Points while playing a tough schedule.
Southern Cal, Michigan, and Florida all have a shot at the national title game, but USC's Style Points will put USC ahead.
by Brett Lackey December 02, 2006
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