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The Blood gang's values.

Truth, Freedom, Peace, Love, and Tranquility.

Young Blood: "Living day by day 5 point style dog!"
O.G. Blood: " If it aint red, it aint right!"

"5's up! 6 down!"

Sometimes visibly seen as a tatoo of a 5 point star.

by RSB December 17, 2006
A character from Robert Kelly's hip-hop opera "Trapped in the Closet". Big Man also happens to be an asthmatic midget stripper. The severity of this character's random traits lead some to believe that the outrageous occurences of R. Kelly's hip-hop opera are just a ploy to make the public forget his "golden shower" upon a girl not yet of age.
Officer: "Hey, why they call you Big Man?"
Big Man: "Well I guess it is because I am blessed."

by RSB December 26, 2006
The Hindi word for "Blood". Unlike Damu, it would be highly unlikely that a member of the Blood gang would appreciate this word. Despite its meaning the word sounds like "coon" which has been used as a racist term for Blacks.
Young Blood: I'm 'bout to put some work in Khoon!
O.G. Blood: You one brazy kid talking like that on Piru Street. Just say Damu or dog.
Together: Pimps in Red Uniform for life!

(Hindi) "tumhara khoon khoon" ; "My Blood is your Blood"
by RSB December 09, 2006

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