A city in central Arkansas famous for its rice and duck festival. A.k.a. Sluttgart and Sugartown. Sugar = Stuttgart with "T" removed.
Stuttgart Akkansas is also known as Sluttgart, but truck drivers call it Sugartown.
by BIGDANTHEMAN January 07, 2011
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The biggest village in Germany (some 600.000 citizens). Home of "Spaetzle" and "Sauerkraut". A place where it is almost impossible to see any aboriginy after 10.30 pm on the streets.
by Lavrans September 04, 2003
Stuttgart; Stuggitown, Benztown, CIty im dirty South of Germany, home of culinary specialities like "Spätzle" und "Maultaschen," and the best cars the world (Porsche, Mercedes). The party is going on here 24/7, booming soccer team (go VfB !!!). Place where all the G.I.'s from the US bases enjoy the superb German beer (Stuttgarter Hofbräu).
...dude what are you doing tonight?
- party in stuttgart !
by rough raider January 20, 2005

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