The ability to be be totally stupid while being in charge of a group of people.
by 94cyclone July 11, 2012
Top Definition
A person in a position of management who is ignorant to the impact of their decisions.
Sinceour boss made us start wasting more paper, our company has lost money.. What a stupidvisor
by Marks Partical Store August 15, 2007
A person with a title of Supervisor that has no authority over the people reporting to them or a Supervisor that has no people reporting to them.
I can come and go as I please and do what I want and the stupidvisor has nothing to say about it!
by VAD April 04, 2014
the opposite of supervisor-one who gives super advice.
a stupidvisor-gives stupid advice.
people in this position in the workplace can varying in their percentage allocations of stupidvisor vs supervisor.
this ratio can also change with their mood, over time and the presence of other stupidvisors or supervisors.
Although i have three supervisors most of the time its only one because the others are just being stupidvisors.

When he is suffering from insomnia one has to 100% allocate him to the stupidvisor category.
by iamalavalamp July 02, 2009
adjective: a name assigned by an employee who believes their supervisor knows nothing...(much to the employee's dismay that their view is incorrect)...
Abigal, my stupidvisor, knows jack shit. I'll find out the correct answer...
(unfortunately, the answer supports her stupidvisor direction)
by tiny dancer March 14, 2005
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