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The foulest, most vile and disgusting substance in the knowable universe. Stune is used to describe anything that is beyond horrible to smell, see, look at, be around, encounter, etc.
As a noun: The hot pile of stune was comprised of vomit, feces, semen and sweat, topped with a thick layer of snot and spit.

As an adjective: Look at that stuney kid over there in his Target Dr. Pepper t-shirt, aviators, boot cut jeans and white flip flops, I bet he drinks Rockstar.
by Big Wang Mulligang March 16, 2014
A super tune, When a song is just to good for the word "Tune"
Harry: Lets go listen to "Put a donk on it"
Simon: Stune mate, that's a STUNNEEEEEE
by Simons_Pure November 24, 2008
Student Union for any university.
"Splittin' down the stune for a few cheap jars?"
by Joe Monk October 16, 2005
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