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A woman so ugly that you would cut your arm off if she was sleeping on it so that you would not have to wake her up.
I pulled a right stumper last night... etc
by JonnieC November 23, 2003
Collective noun: Referring to a group of little people. (midgets for the uncouth). "A stumper of midgets"
A stumper of midgets jumped a tranny on the Jerry Springer show when she (he, it) told them size does matter.
by txxHKAGE7 October 29, 2010
Stumper: someone who deliberatley tries to force another peron into an awkward situation; involving that second person's lack there of/ not existent intelligence.
Morgan: "I see you are reading a book marlene"

Marlene: "No Morgan. That's a picture frame. Nice one"

Morgan: "was that really necassary? God, you little stumper."
by alliyah_nor-nor May 09, 2009
Group of Midgets
Look at those stumpers, they are so short...i'd like to kick them.
by Gablenn 1029 October 29, 2010

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