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Having sex with a man with a small penis, usually as the only alternative to a night alone.
Joan was happy to leave the club with John, but when they got to his place and disrobed, she decided that a night of stump grinding was better than going home.
by Srini January 03, 2008
1) When a girl is grinding on a guy with man parts that are short and fat. see chode

2) An action that is performed by a lawn maintenance specialist.
1) did you hear about Amy? i heard she went Stump Grinding last night!

2) My trees all died and i had to cut them down. i'm going to call that Stump Grinding company now.
by Awesomanda November 08, 2011
Severe constipation and the noises that come with it. Oftentimes, the straining makes one sound like a stump grinder.
Man, Louis was definitely stump grinding yesterday. He was in the can for an hour and I could hear him all the way down the hall.
by RafneyJmike November 14, 2011
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