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A combo of tummy and stomach
"MAN, MY STUMMY BE RUMBLIN. make me a Pnut sammy bitch!"
by Dresden Lemanski September 04, 2005
66 58
The combination of "Stomach and "Tummy" to make one conjunction "Stummy"
Hannah's Stummy Hurts.
by some guy November 18, 2002
315 123
When the tongue and the mouth can not agree on whether to say "stomach" or "tummy." The synonym "stummy" is formed.
Man after I ate that huge burger, my stummy hurt like hell.
by Tori January 06, 2003
280 120
a cross between the two words tummy and stomach.
"My stummy hurts"
by Ellen May 29, 2003
126 75
A cross between the words 'Tummy' and 'Stomach'.
"Oh, no, I had chinese food for breakfast, and now my stummy hurts!"
by Seanzorz June 01, 2006
65 48
the word one uses to describe their stomach and tummy because they do not know which word to use. it is both an adult and child word.
Katherine exclaimed, "My stummy hurts!"
by Kaboom93 June 17, 2009
12 7
the mix between your stomach and your tummy
I have cramps from eating too much, and my stummy hurts.
by jgfjgj October 05, 2007
23 19