The combination of 'stomach' and 'tummy'.
"Oww, my stummy hurts!"
by owern137 November 04, 2011
a collaboration of the two words ''tummy'' and ''stomach''

example : my stummy hurts!:(
by bubblee December 24, 2009
A person or object, observed in a state immediately after being stummed (see stum). Stummy may be a smell or a physical characteristic, but is seldom, if ever, used to describe taste.
Your not coming in here, Stummy!
I got all Stummy last night down at Club Leon
Stummy bitches use side door
by BiggestCheese January 10, 2012
When someone shits into a condom and put it on a hot dog bun. this was founded at Whitewater High school WI after some randomly went around and handed out free hot dogs. so far the word has been spreading about this and some people are starting to use it as an internet term.
"John are you ready?"
"Yeah i been holding it all day, I'll Be right back, I'll go make the stummy."
"Oh john that's epic, now, who are we going to give this too?"
"Idk Sam lets go give this to a random person and say, 'here madame and or sir, you won yourself a free hot dog'."
"We are so cool john."
"That we, Sam, we are.
by the_wii_girl90 April 16, 2010
When the tongue and the mouth can not agree on whether to say "stomach" or "tummy." The synonym "stummy" is formed.
Man after I ate that huge burger, my stummy hurt like hell.
by Tori January 06, 2003
A mix between stomach and tummy describing the stomach of your digestive system.
"Mommy my stummy hurts today."

by Devon Allen August 19, 2007
Combonation of the words ''stomach'' and ''tummy''
After I ate that huge bowl of popcorn, my stummy started to hurt
by DizzyLizzy April 12, 2007

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