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Female Masturbation
See Stuffing The Chicken
Miranda is a young, ugly lesbian. She can't get any so she stuffs the Turkey.
by John Ronane January 30, 2004
When all three of a girl's primary orifices are filled with the genitalia of three other men and/or animals. This is most commonly found when a female is having a foursome with three other individuals (male) with questionable sexuality.
Male 1: "Man that was a fun night last night guys"
Male 2: "Ya we stuffed that turkey good"
Male 3: "Ya I love stuffing the turkey with my best friends"
Male 1: "Keep this on the DL guys"

Female: "Stuff me like a turkey betches!"

Female: "I love the feeling of being stuffed like a turkey. It is actually quite soothing!"
by SuperJew3000 December 05, 2011
Trying to have sex with a limp penis and attempting to cram the phallus into a vagina, usually while intoxicated.
I drank so much, when I got home I was stuffing the turkey.
by Brian Knapp May 26, 2006
Stuffing the Turkey refers to a man who is highly intoxicated vomiting into a woman's vagina while eating her out.
"Dude I was so drunk last night I ended up stuffing the turkey.... the worst part was she made me eat the stuffing."
by Nuggy510 June 05, 2013
v. Stuffing the Turkey is a gang-bang involving at least four men. It also involves a 20 lb. Butterball turkey. The men take turns humping the living hell out of the turkey, and when all men present have "finished", the turkey is oven roasted in the usual fashion and served on Thanksgiving. Preferably to relatives that you are not fond of.
Although this originated in Eastern Russia, it is often contributed to Norway.

man 1: "me and the Boston Celtics got caught Stuffing the Turkey last night!"

man 2: "wait, what?"

man 1: "i know right? i was gonna serve it to my grandparents."

man 2: "what the fuck is wrong with you?!"

man 1: "i fucking hate my grandparents."
by feldpar February 21, 2009
To engage in anal sex on Thankgiving Day.
Me: Hey man, you bailed on the thanksgiving dinner last night with your wife, what happened?

You: Oh, we tried stuffing the turkey at home.
by evilwoody June 09, 2009
gettin it on, poppin ur cherry, sexual intercourse lololololol
hey where were u last nite
o i was stuffin the turkey with taht fineee girl
by Treyvon October 26, 2003
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