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A group where your expected to actually make changes in the school and organize community enriching events even though you know you have absolutely 0 POWER and have to attend dumb meetings about things that won't come true. Ideas range in these meetings from napkin sells to 5k runs that have been in development for over a year. Your lucky to know half your members and you will continually struggle to go to meetings and beg your friends to sign you in even though they aren't going either. So I guess the only people who survive stugo are the hardcore stugoers.
Person1: Hey you going to student government
Person2: Hahahahahah. Nice one.
Person1: .....
Person2: Wait. You aren't joking!?
by I like pickles March 07, 2015
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a body of students in high school designed to carry to the whims of the student body; in reality, a popularity contest it which the student body , out of popularity , elects idiots who do nothing but use SG as a show of popularity.
Joan: hey, who you elect
Bill: John
Joan: John is a high-class dumbass who cannot tell a plus from negative. he didn't even know about student government till last week. John gave a freakin' essay on how to make more money for school, and keep and bring back old programs, like SPORTS, for example.
Bill: but he 's popular.
by niceboi June 25, 2010
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