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girl's version of the transformation of the hulk, except the hulk does not intend to destroy every XY carrier in sight. enraged, angry, acting on nothing but hormones, grows in size, and focuses on prey that is ignorance of the danger: The XY carrier. In this change in female chemistry, female make Lil Wayne look like a choir boy.
After John didn't see the sudden change in his girlfriend's behavior due to her period, Joan was incensed, roared, and slammed John 20 ft. into the ground from her 5th story window.
by niceboi June 25, 2010
a body of students in high school designed to carry to the whims of the student body; in reality, a popularity contest it which the student body , out of popularity , elects idiots who do nothing but use SG as a show of popularity.
Joan: hey, who you elect
Bill: John
Joan: John is a high-class dumbass who cannot tell a plus from negative. he didn't even know about student government till last week. John gave a freakin' essay on how to make more money for school, and keep and bring back old programs, like SPORTS, for example.
Bill: but he 's popular.
by niceboi June 25, 2010

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