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African American term derived from "studying", which means that you're not worried about something or someone, and they're not even worth your time.
"Dude, I ain't studdin' that character, he's just talkin' smack."
by Terry February 16, 2005
144 44
This word is as old country as pond water, not just an African American term. It means the same, just setting the record straight.
I ain't studdin him.
by terafferty December 14, 2007
65 31
3. Derived from the word "studying," it is focusing attention on someone or something.
"Randolph, ain't nobody studdin' you, so go on back to sleep with your grumpy ass."
by PFilizzle February 27, 2008
22 2
Something that is postivie. A feeling of joy, confidence, or exitement.
Jim: Hey how did u feel after the big game?
Bob: I was feeling studdin, we won.
by connor1414 January 28, 2009
9 58
That kid was studdin at basketball today
by Connorpk November 07, 2008
6 56