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The Strumpet’s Dribble is the inadvertent release and dribbling of semen out of the vagina of a Strumpet, a.k.a. Prostitute. The dribble is from the deposited jizz of one or more of the Prostitute's tricks or customers of that evening and is caused by poor and incomplete cleaning and full discharge of semen in between the Prostitute's sex acts. The Strumpet's Dribble is usually discovered by the Prostitute's next trick or customer just prior to their engaging in a sex act. The Strumpet's Dribble is usually just wiped away with the customer's hand or a Grisette Hanky. If available, it may also be wiped away with a Gak Towel, Doddle Rag or Grandma's Tea Towel.
Frank: What's up Bro!! How as your weekend in Vegas?
Carl: Swank Braaaa!! Won at Craps and then called an Escort to celebrate.
Frank: Sweet! Was she hot Braaaa?
Carl: Yea she was hot, but I went down on her and ended up with a little Strumpet's Dribble. But that didn't stop me.
Frank: I'm going to throw up yo!
by Enya Goode April 15, 2014

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