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Whilst searching for your favorite videos on the YouTube, a new video peeks your interest under "suggested videos" you decide to click and watch, and before you know it 4 hours have passed and your watching llama attacks when you started with "The Baddest" by Krispy Kreme.

A combination of "Streak" and "YouTube." Commonly used among lazy adolescence
Guy 1: What'd you do last night man?

Guy 2: I strubed so hard my eyes started to hurt!
by A-Bone Capone October 21, 2013
A person who has red hair, most likely will be afflicted with the common condition known as having "strubes". In other words, you might say that a red haired person has strawberry coloured pubes as opposed to the regular garden variety types like black, brown or blonde.
Jim: Oi, reckon the rednut over there has strubes?
by amicee03 May 28, 2007
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