Top Definition
An uncomfortable wrinkle in your sock.
Mummy I have got a strub in my sock
by kahlo April 07, 2015
To intentionally ruin the outcome of a sporting event
Dont Strub me by telling me the final score of the game I PVRed.
by tgreenspoon2010 November 03, 2007
An arrogant asshole; also the heiress to a slippery Swiss fortune.
Honey, we're going to need some more Strub Lube. Better go to the local shop.
by SAS January 01, 2005
a person who sucks clean dicks all day. what a faggot, you are only supposed to suck dirty dicks. one time i saw strub suck off 65 dicks in a row, all clean. what a cock grabbing talentless assbag. also, one who rapes chicks and gets away with it. he fucks such fat chicks that its retarded.
oh your dick smells like my ass, what a fuckin strub.
by boyken September 30, 2006
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