1.)Possibly the hand a someone uses to masturbate.
2.)Two words that is funny to incorporate into conversation constantly.
3.)When said you must raise your hand with your fingers in the weirdest position you can do and have a crazed look on your face.
"can you help me move the table?"
"Sure, buy hey, you want me to use my.... STRONG HAND!?"
by Columbus March 12, 2008
Top Definition
To use the malformed or otherwise mis-shappen hand of a normally creepy man, to pleasure an unsuspecting female.
"zomg what are you doing Bob?!"
"I'm showin' you how a man uses his strong hand!"
"Weeth, this feels so good!"
by Mr. Weeth July 20, 2009
The act of flipping a table using only one hand. Often shouted before or while doing so.
"Dude, that guy just stronghanded a billiards table. He must be damn tough."

"You should come to my party, we're having a stronghand contest."

"STRONGHAND" *Flips table*
by Gav the Ruiner January 08, 2014
A hand deformed by the loss of nerves in the brain.
Dude, he got kicked in the head by a horse and now he's got a stronghand.
by Horse_Whisperer August 24, 2009
A person's hand that is short or partially missing due to deformity or accident.
"Yo, he brushed up against me with his strong hand."
See Scary Movie 2
by NJAS July 10, 2008
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