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the act of keeping ones pimp hand strong cannot be defined. you either do or you don't.
"Dad, keep yo pimp hand strong"- Bill Gluckman's son.
by LimasFinest January 12, 2005
GAME: Usually played by Peruvians on their PalmPilots. Players are usually masquerading as ecological tour guides. Most players appreciate "cheap ludes!"
Pedro loved DrugWars, he played it every day.

Pedro loved the cheap ludes.

Pedro was arrested in the rainforest for selling drugs.

Pedro clearly liked DrugWars more than he let on to.
by LimasFinest August 25, 2004
A piece of shit sailing ship that resides in New York, USA. It is all-wood, claims to have been around the world, clearly couldn't make it out of it's harbor, and is the home to (Mungo). Save the Children has been involved in helping those who live aboard.
Anyone who saw that Aliento: What is that big green piece of shit floating in 3 mile?

Mungo: That's my bloody home, mate
by LimasFinest August 25, 2004
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