Enormous elephant individual who is depressed due to constant maltreatment from StrongBad
StrongBad: "Uur, StrongBad do you think of me as a one-legged puppy? Is that drawing meant to be me?"
StrongSad: "Er. No I think of you as a two-legged elephant named Tenderfoot. 'I could power a small city with my whining'."
StrongSad: "I probably could."
by MrTad March 10, 2007
The sad depressed "rinocerous" on homestarrunner.com. No one really likes him. He's part of the brothers strong but his brothers are all mean to him.
I'm sad that I'm flying
by coolpersonyo August 29, 2003
A depressing, overweight lump who appears to be an elephant with a ghost-like head who has a fondness for board games.
Oh, Necco Wafers. This reminds me of when I used to eat the colored chalk when I was in school. I was sick for a year, and nearly died.
by ... August 15, 2003
a sexy gray thing
I'm sad that I don't like food anymore.
by the spoony one October 22, 2003
he plays board games with board games and he's sad that he's flying
by jimmy mac August 23, 2003
Strong Bads test subject. A deppressio on H*R with nothing better to do that play board games.
I sad that I'm flying
by bob ulous January 13, 2004
My dumb brother who I locked in da basement...I'm gonna go glue his hands to his face now and get Strong Mad to punch him in the knee.
Strong Sad is a stupid guy.
by Strong Bad October 04, 2003
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