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a completely wicked song, by the band Disturbed. Off of their 3rd CD, "Ten Thousand Fists". The album is highly anticipated and is to be released September, 2005.
"hey man, have you heard disturbed's new song, stricken?, it KICKS ASS"
by Scotty Rushton August 21, 2005
When you are so far beyond being done with something or someone.
When you are ill or look like you've just returned from the 7 circles of hell.
When a person/place/thing seems to be cursed.
When you're ready to "strike a match" to the entire situation.
"Will, are you okay? You look like you went bobbing for apples, and someone set the back of your hair on fire!"
"Bitch, I'm stricken!"
by thesinginlucas May 30, 2016
Name of a Rapeboard Troll and internet tough guy
stricken trolls with an identity
by thicken July 08, 2009
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