When a Man ejaculates in a Womans vagina during intercorce while the female is on her period and eats her out after.
Dude.. i so totaly had a strwberry milk shake the other night!!!!
by Mike Davis April 10, 2005
When a man is having sex with a woman on her period and he pulls out and ejaculates in her mouth, and she swallows the half blood half semen like substance.
Although your on your period, I'm going to cum in your mouth. Therefore, giving you a strawberry milkshake.
by Claytonicus Maximus July 03, 2013
When a guy put a rubberband on each of a lactating mothers breast, then waits till they get ripe and red and slap them viciously until they begin to bleed and lactate. Instantly creating a mix of Mothers Milk and Blood to drink up like a strawberry milkshake.
So I went over Matt's house and his Mom made me some Strawberry Milkshakes. Nice!
by Roger_RD_Scott January 15, 2010
when you suck the blood out of a girls vagina when shes on her period and spit it in a cup, then when your dads asleep jack him off and put his sperm in the same cup were the period blood is, mix them together till its a light red and drink it with a bendy straw
I'm thirsty for a strawberry milkshake but i have no milk or strawberry syrup; but i have a dad and a girlfriend
by wackaflamo January 09, 2011
While recieving a blumpkin. Pull out, finish in the woman's face, proceed to punch her in the nose, then grab her by the ears and shake violently
**Open bathroom door at Jack in the Box** Damn nigga that bitch is getttin strawberry milkshaked!! You gotta see this!
by Milkshake king April 19, 2010
when you sock a hoe in the nose and she starts bleeding, then for the milk you jiz in that hoes face
bro/guy-ill give you strawberry milk shake if you dont shut your ass up
girl-ok.... =
by chad brochill87 August 30, 2008
The act of a male cumming on a female's face and then punching her in the mouth.
I gave my girlfriend a strawberry milkshake last night.
by Baby Moses August 06, 2008

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