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It was like a surprise strawberry attack. Strawberry pubes forever. Sasha milkshake had a hint of strawberry. It would suck, having pubes in a milkshake. I had a friend who worked at a Baskin Robbins, and he said he didn't like the icecream. It was gross, he told me. The Baskin Robins was right next to a Subway. So for lunch, they always went and had lots of sandwiches. So one day orders a cake with those gross marachino cherrys, with the cherrys on the cake, and what this fucker would do is take his salamis and fucking fill the cherrys with the salami filling and then someone goes like mmmmhmmm and was very surprised. The guy didn't get fired, this was just one of many incidents! Like, if you were a customer who gave them and shit and was an asshole. Then you would get fucked. And then one of those guys was making those 'Blasts' like those milkshakes, and we was making a chocolate one, and he fucking threw a cockroach in there. You'd be drinking it and you'd have no idea. I know one of the guys who worked there, this actually happened. There was a dead cockroach lying in the room so they just *blmmp!* dropped it right in their. Yoink! Strawberry cockroach, of course! Landy what are you writing? What are you doing? What are you writing, a fucking essay? What are you writing it on? What are you really typing up everthing? What are you just trying to decipher our speech? Like, why are you writing it under Urban Dictionary? What, are you going to put it on Urban Dictionary under Stawberry Pubes Forever? It'll be like a document of our highness. I'll just have to look up 'Strawberry Pubes Forever" and if anyone ever searches that, for any reason, they will come upon this conversation! What time is it? 1:24. Yikes. Damn. What time is your first class tomorrow? 10. Oh damn. We should get to sleep. Fo Sho. Cause my phones on the floor of the roof of John Jay. So you dropped your phone out this window? Theres no roof there. No, there is. I figure it must be broken. Khoa has my iHome? Why? He saw it and just took it so no one will steal it. You haven't even thought of your iHome? Well, I thought it was in Kyle's room, safely stowed away. Heh Heh. Jesus. Jesus, Jesus. Min, you should add more people things to the collage. Oh my God he's still typing about what we're talking about? Its going to hit the character limit. Don't keep writing! Don't hit submit! Save it. Oh shit let me see that cellphone. Oh damn thats one of the Sly Johns. What the fuck? Oh thats a Philly thing, jargon. Jargon? Jargon. Thats like a fucking monster name. JARGONNNNNN. Sly John can mean like anything, like pimp or whatever. Are you really still going? Landy's typing! Typing! Typing and typing! We're really having ridiculous conversations right now. I'm an idiot! Ben is an idiot! Write that. Strawberry Pubes! Strawberry Pubes Forever. Pubbbesss. Bom Bom Bommmm. Rajib we should write more songs. We should write a song about floorcest. We should do a parody of the In the Closet music video. R. Kelly is so fucked up.
See above. For example, oh shit! Pubes in my strawberry icecream. Strawberry Pubes Forever, man!
by ZeusJJ9 February 12, 2008
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